About Us

Streeter is both a website and a printed newspaper. Both are devoted to serving local communities by publishing and sharing news from the streets of Toronto neighbourhoods.


This website covers intensely a growing list of neighbourhoods — 44 at last count — in Toronto, most of them concentrated in the midtown Toronto and East York area. With the help of professional journalists and local contributors, we are continually increasing coverage in more neighbourhoods.

You can read the news and views arising from the local neighbourhoods on Streeter.ca in three ways:

  1. To access information and opinion from neighbourhoods across Toronto.Follow the News, Views and Life links at the top of any page or click on any featured story or photo on the home page.
  2. Select your neighbourhood from the Neighbourhoods link at the top of any page to access information and opinion specific to your local streets.
  3. Select one of four selected editions we have set up to cover related neighbourhoods that form larger communities within the city. (These online editions parallel the printed editions of Streeter.)

Streeter in print

Streeter is an outgrowth of the venerable Town Crier community newspapers, which have been distributed in Toronto communities since 1978.

Currently Streeter is delivered monthly to homes and businesses in six midtown communities — three in North Toronto, plus Forest Hill, Leaside and Central Toronto — with a total circulation of 60,000 copies.

Streeter will continue to be distributed in these areas and in additional areas, in conjunction with the growing online coverage of Toronto neighbourhoods, as meets the demand of readers and advertisers.