About Us

Originally known as the Town Crier community newspapers, Streeter is an online publication sharing news, views and things to do in selected Toronto neighbourhoods.

Our community content has been online since about 2002 under variations on the Town Crier name until September 2017 when it was succeeded by Streeter.ca.



This website covers a growing list of neighbourhoods — 72 at last count — in Toronto, most of them concentrated in the midtown, central Toronto, and East Toronto area.

Streeter.ca provides original reporting of interest to these neighbourhoods by professional journalists and local contributors.

Neighbourhood news is also grouped into larger Communities Editions, for which we now provide Daily Updates of news, opinions, events and other information specific to each area. This is information sourced from Streeter.ca, other media, social media, local representatives, residents and their associations, businesses, police, government, schools, local activists and many, many other primary and secondary sources. Wherever possible, these brief updates direct readers to where they can find the original informationy.

These Community Editions currently include, starting in the east end, The Beach, Upper Beaches, East Danforth, Woodbine, Parkview-O’Connor, Leslieville, Riverdale, Don Mills, Leaside, Cabbagetown, North Toronto and Forest Hill.

More are being added on a regular basis, as with the help of professional journalists and local contributors we continually increase coverage in more neighbourhoods and communities.


Last updated July 6, 2023