Monte Kwinter's back for four more years

York Centre's MPP set to be the oldest ever to serve at Queen's Park

The more things change the more they stay the same.

Although the Liberals lost seats in the Oct. 6 provincial election, Monte Kwinter was re-elected in York Centre for an eighth term.

The 80-year-old MPP will become the oldest ever member of the Ontario Legislature when he turns 81 in March. After thanking his campaign supporters at an intimate gathering at Montecassino Hotel, Kwinter said much has changed since his first election 26 years ago.

“When I first ran in ’85 you knocked on every single door, you identified your voters and then you got them out to vote — that was it,” he said. “Now you’ve got social media, you’ve got targeting but there aren’t the same number of volunteers as there was in the past so you don’t go knocking on every single door.”

The incumbent said he felt confident during the campaign though the strategy may be different. In the end, Kwinter’s 14,969 votes was enough to defeat Progressive Conservative challenger Michael Mostyn who came away with 11,433 and John Fagan of the NDP who finished with 4,575.

Mostyn, who ran two unsuccessful campaigns in York Centre on the federal level, said he plans to stay involved with the community despite the loss.

“This campaign, from my perspective, was really about building bridges and I think we build tremendous bridges here in York Centre,” said Mostyn while inside a campaign office filled with supporters. “I’m proud of the contributions that I’ve made and that others on the team have made and I’m sure that’s all going to continue on in the future.”

Kwinter said he looks forward to continuing to work for the community, particularly by bringing the 626-bed Humber River Regional Hospital to the area.

“I’m the second longest serving member and I haven’t lost any of my enthusiasm,” he said. “I still feel I can make a difference and it’s great to see that the people have that confidence in me to re-elect me again.”

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By: Tristan Carter
Posted: Oct 7 2011 4:03 am
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