Shelley Carroll to battle three challengers

Ward 33 candidates a diverse bunch

Editor’s note: This article has been altered from its original version. Contrary to what was previously stated in the article, Councillor ShelleyCarroll is not currently pursuing the role of budget chief if elected to the 2010-14 term, and further stated that if re-elected she will confer with a new council and mayor regarding her role on council. The Town Crier regrets the error.

The race is on for Don Valley East as a television network creator, a businessman and a real estate agent attempt to unseat the incumbent candidate, Shelley Carroll.

Mike Ihnat, David Raines, Fil Giannakopoulos, Carroll and are all vying for the Ward 33 spot on council.

Ihnat, the co-founder of the Women’s Television Network says his reason for running is his deep roots in the community, having raised his children here.

Ihnat said he’s if elected to four years in office, his goal is simple: listening to and addressing the needs of his ward constituents, including those who have dealt with flooding issues in the ward.

Carroll said she wants to focus on community-building in Parkway Forest and continuing to encourage civic engagement. She said she’s already achieved that in the ward by helping to establish a $4 million City Flood Grant Program to help areas affected by devastating rainstorms.

Raines, who has experience running a security business, says if elected, he’d try lower taxes by partnering city agencies like the TTC with private business to increase funding.

Raines says programs need to be chopped, and the city needs to work closely with private enterprise and other levels of government in order to access more revenue.

Fil Giannakopoulos is a real estate agent with a degree in political science from York University. He says as councillor, he would make himself accessible to his constituents, which he doing now by canvassing at doors.

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