Tonks looks safe in York South-Weston

Three vie to unseat incumbent

Three candidates are seeking to wrest the York South–Weston riding away from incumbent and former Metro chairman Alan Tonks[/url].

Tonks has not faced a serious challenge to his seat since defeating independent candidate and former Liberal MP John Nunziata in 2000.

The NDP’s Mike Sullivan is back for a second shot at Tonks after finishing a distant second in 2008. Sullivan, who works as a union rep for the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union, received 6,430 fewer votes than the eventual winner.

While the Conservatives have seen their vote total grow in the riding over the last three elections, their last candidate finished 9,050 votes behind Tonks. This time out the party is running Jilian Saweczko[/url] who has worked for the Toronto Anti-Violence Intervention Strategy and Mayor’s Task Force on Drugs.

The Greens have also seen their vote total improve but remain well back in the riding and never bringing in more than 5.1 percent of the vote. The party is running Sonny Day, an analyst at York University and a volunteer for Amnesty International.

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By: Town Crier Staff
Posted: Apr 25 2011 1:58 pm
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