McGuinty missed opportunity in Mike Colle

Letter to the editor

Re: An Easy Win For Colle, North Toronto Town Crier, Nov. 2011

Mike Colle who was returned for the third time as MPP trounced Rocco Rossi with good reason. Colle’s record speaks for itself. He has always been a proven, long-standing, dedicated MPP, doing an outstanding job representing his constituents and working in their best interest. It is therefore with sadness, disbelief and disappointment that I ask Premier McGuinty why oh, why did you not include Mike Colle in your new cabinet? Surely the premier needs more than ever a Mike Colle, an outstanding experienced people person to be in the cabinet with ministerial responsibilities, who can be of tremendous help in listening to the views and concerns of Ontarians to ensure a strong stable government we all deserve and need.

Monty Mazin,
Neptune Drive

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By: Monty Mazin
Posted: Nov 29 2011 6:29 pm
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Edition: Toronto