Mihevc and Wong-Tam top group’s green-friendly list

Just how environmentally friendly is your councillor?

According to a recent report from the Toronto Environmental Alliance, midtown councillors range from tree-huggingly terrific to oil-spillingly objectionable.

Leading the way were St. Paul’s councillor Joe Mihevc and Toronto Centre councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam who both scored an A+, while Karen Stintz, Eglinton-Lawrence, and John Parker, Don Valley West, brought up the rear as both received an F grade.

TEA said they based the grades on 31 votes with serious environmental impacts that took place in council dating back to January 2011.

Councillors were given one point for each vote in favour of the environmental angle, divided it by the total number of votes they were present for, and attributed that percentage to its corresponding letter grade.

St. Paul’s councillor Josh Matlow was given an A, finishing just ahead of Eglinton-Lawrence councillor Josh Colle who received a B+, and Don Valley West councillor Jaye Robinson who earned a B.

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Posted: Jul 7 2014 4:43 pm
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