Leaside Daily Updates: May 2019

As if we didn’t know: Eglinton’s the worst

Local residents and midtown commuters have been complaining about it for the past couple of years. But now Eglinton Avenue East has been ranked the worst road in Ontario by voters in a CAA poll.

Voters cited crumbling pavement, potholes, traffic congestion and lousy signage in rating the street which is undergoing construction of the Eglinton Crosstown LRT. See the story.

Car rampage hits local storefronts

Man has been arrested in Scarborough after 10 or more Leaside-area businesses and centre had their front doors and windows smashed in by a Mercedes-Benz driver on a rampage around midnight, early Thursday morning. See Jay Garak’s news report for the whole story.

Spring into (wet) action

Rain didn’t dampen the spirits of participants for the Spring Into Action! Walk or Run on May 25. The Leaside event to raise awareness of youth mental health had a great turnout, reporter Andrea Freedman says. Watch for her full report with photos of the run/walk and party to come.

Back in school after bomb scare

Students are back in Bennington Heights Elementary School on May 23, a day after the school was evacuated due to a bomb scare. Police blew up two suspicious packages yesterday after a suitcase was found on the property with a note saying there was a bomb inside and others around the school.

Police said they found no explosives on site and the building was safe for the return of school students and children at the attached day care.

SCHOOL’S IN: Students are back in class at Bennington Heights.

Mayor Tory to attend walk/run in Leaside

The organizers of the 14th annual Spring Into Action! Walk or Run for Youth Mental Health have announced Toronto Mayor John Tory will attend this year’s event on May 25. The family-friendly event starts at InsideOut Studio on Laird Drive with yoga and a marketplace at 9 a.m., proceeds along Sutherland Drive to Sunnybrook Park, and finishes up on Laird with special guests, treats, kids’ activities, music and prize draws. For more on the event and ticket information, check our Things To Do listing.