Danforth Village

Danforth Village is the name of the neighbourhood just east of what most Torontonians refer to as “The Danforth” or “Greektown”. “The Other Danforth” as it has been characterized, is a busy commercial area, running roughly from Main Street to Victoria Park Avenue along Danforth Avenue and encompassing the residential streets to the north.

This series of residential side streets contribute about 70% of the business that fuels this busy commercial strip, which is a testament to the population here considering that the area is home to just about every chain store in addition to charming independently-owned shops and services.

Although Danforth Village is not officially part of Greektown, the Taste of The Danforth festival, which focuses on fine Greek and other fare, and is one of Toronto’s premier annual events, has raised the profile of this neighbourhood over the years.

The area is home to a large Pakistani and Bangladeshi community.

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