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Toronto City Council appoints citizens to a wide range of political committees, city agencies, boards, commissions and corporations, special and advisory bodies as well as a number of non-city boards and committees, by invitation or legislation. A majority of these positions are made available to the public, and the option to apply for positions is a great opportunity for individuals to become involved in the development and implementation of city policies.

The issue of civic engagement is very important because with the participation and input of residents the city is able to do its best work and form policies most reflective of its residents. During a recent city council meeting, I highlighted the importance of civic participation by putting forward a motion that asked the city manager to report to city council at its July meeting on the need for program advice and civic engagement in each program area, and to recommend an appropriate format and mechanism to meet those advisory or engagement needs. This motion was in response to the report that looked at the re-establishment of some of the advisory bodies and committees. My motion was passed unanimously by all councillors, and is an example of the importance council has placed on civic engagement and re-emphasizes the importance of public participation in its agencies, boards and commissions.

The City of Toronto is now promoting the recruitment process for public appointments to city tribunals and boards of directors, by advertising in daily newspapers, online and through email. There are many opportunities, including on the Board of Health, Toronto Zoo Management Board and Heritage Toronto. As a member of the Civic Appointments Committee, I want to ensure that all interested individuals are notified of the process. For more information on the application process, please visit: or contact the appointments secretary at [][/email].

The experience and knowledge of the many interested residents in our city is a great opportunity for individuals to lend their expertise and help make decisions that affect the future of the city.

Greater participation generates better policies, which in turn generate a stronger city.

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By: Jaye Robinson
Posted: Jul 13 2011 11:57 am
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