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Don’t be doin’ it wrong

[attach]4302[/attach]There’s something about summer that can spawn the most appalling of fashion faux pas.

Black panties under white pants; scraggy grey bra straps showing under tank tops … The potential for lingerie mishaps can unravel your style like a hem gone bad.

There’s no need to be a fashion disaster this summer. As the midtown Toronto lingerie experts show us, you can reveal what you want without over-exposing yourself by choosing fun, yet appropriate, lingerie to best highlight those summer styles.

Light pants

Ladies, white is back with a vengeance this season. Obviously, a black thong under stylish white wide leg pants or preppy capris won’t fly unless you want to attract a certain kind of attention. And while it may be tempting to match white pants with white underwear, that’ll only create a glow-in-the-dark panty effect that’ll make your knickers stand out like neon.

The experts at Linea Intima, at 1925 Avenue Rd. (north of Lawrence Avenue West), recommend going with a nude thong. And a laser cut variety, such as the style by Commando, has the added benefit of doing away with those annoying panty lines.

White tee

Under a white tee, the gals at Tryst Lingerie, at 465 Eglinton Ave. West (on the Eglinton Way), say a bra that closely matches your skin tone will disappear under a white shirt. But if you want to add a bit of zing to your garb, opt for a white bra, coloured bra or even black bra under a white tee and elevate your look to dramatic heights.

For some extra fun, the Tryst experts suggest a microfibre tank, stretch lace tank or coloured bandeau by the brand C’est Moi. Layer under white tees, tanks or even dresses that need a little extra coverage.

[attach]4303[/attach]Crochet or sheer dresses

You’ve gone wild shopping for summer and now have a pretty heap of 1970s-inspired dresses and sheer diaphanous frocks.

Trouble is, what the heck do you wear under them without looking like you’re wearing a granny slip?

The Commando-tailored slip, a full slip available at Linea Intima, creates a smooth silhouette and features a patent-pending weight system that keeps the slip in place — so it won’t shift when you get a shifty on.

Meanwhile, the Hanky Panky “Byzantium” cami in a paisley multi print, also available at Linea Intima, would be darling under a nude or complementary-colour crochet top or sweater. And it’s so cute it can be worn on its own or under a crisp white blouse.

Strap rehash

To show your bra straps or not to show them? That is the style question the experts at Tryst Lingerie have tackled.

First, go for a convertible bra, where the straps can be taken off or criss-crossed, for those strapless or halter styles.

If you want to show off those straps, make sure they’re not grey and faded. Choose bras in bright, complementary colours, like the season’s hot shades of aqua, cherry or wine.

Finally, Tryst suggests the Embrace Hide a Strap, which will bring straps together and keep ’em in place. Fashion Aid, a roll-on adhesive, prevents wardrobe malfunctions by keeping your straps, off-the-shoulder dresses and plunging necklines from dipping a little too low.

Should you wear that slip as a dress?

The trend of wearing lingerie in public may have cooled a bit since the 1990s, but you can still do it without looking like a Madonna flashback.

The slip dress may be passé, but if you’re into lounging on the deck or on the beach, Linea Intima recommends trying Jordon Taylor loungewear. Some of the styles are so street-savvy you can even wear them out for a hot night on the town.