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Midtown’s must have fashions for 2011

Every season I compile a list of my must-have items, and I do so based on the assumption that I can narrow down my purchases if I know exactly what I am looking for.

It keeps me focused and on track and stops me from buying things that’ll never get worn. So far, this practice has been quite successful and, as a result, it is rare to find an item in my closet that has not seen the light of day!

[attach]3322[/attach]With a new year quickly emerging, I thought it’d be fitting to share the top five lust-after items for 2011.

With so many stores on sale during the holiday season, now is the perfect time to grab those items and relish the deals to be had.

Fur Vest

A few years ago, I bought a purple fur vest, brought it home and watched my husband gasp in fear as I sported it around the house.

Shocked at my lack of fashion judgment, he questioned whether or not I was fully coherent when I made the purchase. I returned it.

In hindsight though, I see where I went wrong: the colour. Well this season, the fur vest has made a strong resurgence and I am currently looking to try my luck again with this trend. I have learned that in order to make this look work, the fur needs to look as realistic as possible, so it’s best to look for one in a neutral tone like beige, black or gray. For all the animal lovers out there, rest assured: there are many faux options available that look and feel like the real thing.

[attach]3324[/attach]Cascading Earrings

I think the best way to try a trend is to exhibit it through jewellery. This past season I was obsessed with vintage “clip-on” style earrings — my way of interjecting the Mad Men theme into my wardrobe without going all out!

Going forward though, I’m all about the cascading earring. This style is long in length and should graze your shoulders, providing a jewelled frame for your face. I personally love the idea of trying a pair that have bright-coloured stones, like coral or turquoise, but any bold jewels will be sure to make a statement.

[attach]3323[/attach]Kitten Heels

While no one can deny the effect a stiletto heel has on a woman’s body, walking around in four-inch heels all day can be no easy task.

For fall and this coming spring, the runways are showing tons of kitten heels in ladylike shapes and styles. These are a perfect alternative if you are looking for some height but don’t want the discomfort of trying to trek around in sky scrapers!

[attach]3325[/attach]Motorcycle Boots

Yes, they are a classic and have been around since I can remember, but these amazingly cool boots are back with a vengeance and are proving to be a big trend heading into 2011. Paired with everything from dresses to skirts to jeans, these are an easy, go-to boot that will bring some rock and roll into your wardrobe.