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Scent-sibly chic

Winter’s finally on the wane and summer’s just a sundress away. Your new warm weather togs are hanging in your closet, all ready for breezy nights and perma-sunny days. But what about your scent wardrobe?

It’s time to toss the heavy, spicier perfumes you wear in the cooler months in favour of lighter fragrance fare that’ll match your airy mood and flowy spring and summer attire. Here’s a preview of some new juice on the market for the upcoming season, for every personality type.

[attach]4074[/attach]Leading the preppy pack

The word “diva” is a heartbeat away from describing you, as you’re a natural leader with heaps of confidence. Vera Wang Preppy Princess is the juice for you.

Fifth in the Princess family of fragrances, Preppy Princess eau de toilette is made for the type of gal Wang describes as a fashion prepster: young, clean-cut but not conservative; the type of girl to mix preppy plaid and pearls with super high heels.

Packaged in the signature heart-shaped Princess bottle — this time the bottle is hot pink with a darling blue and white plaid overtop — this scent sprays on fruity at first, exhibiting notes of tangerine and red apple, then progresses to honeysuckle and jasmine, finishing with a woodsy smell and a touch of coconut water.

Perfect for the classic prepster with a bit of sass. Snatch it up before the other gals do as it’s in stores only until fall.

Available at The Bay, Murale, Shoppers Drug Mart, $49.99.

[attach]4075[/attach]Take a walk on the wild side

If you’re more the sultry, daring type, or if you simply want to explore your bad girl exotic side, try Into the Wild, part of Bath & Body Works “Sexy” collection.

Spicy and floral at the same time, the juice starts with fruity notes of pear blossom and mandarin, with middling notes of magnolia petals and night blooming jasmine, drying on your skin with warm notes of gold patchouli leaves, white moss and a woodsy, warm musk finish.

You’re bold, so you’re not afraid to “go big or go home”: you’ll go to town using the entire set of shower gel, body lotion, triple moisture body cream, and — for the days when you tone down your fiery self — the lighter fragrance mist.

A must-have for the world traveler or adventuresome spirit.

Available at Bath & Body Works, $34.50 for the eau de toilette.

[attach]4076[/attach]Go with the flow

Are we sick of celebrity scents yet? How can we be when the juice is by all-American girl next door, Jennifer Aniston?

Aniston’s debut fragrance is as unpretentious as she appears to be, epitomizing her beachy earthiness and effortless glam.

First, there’s the bottle — simple yet flowy — evoking a cresting wave, and also the Frank Gehry architecture that the starlet admires.

The scent itself starts off with citrus and rose water notes, blooming onto jasmine and wild violet florals with a final base note that includes sandalwood and golden amber.

This is the fragrance for the gal who exudes casual glam, who can throw her hair up in a ponytail and still look gorgeous. If you love nature, the ocean and the sun-kissed look, this earthy, sensual scent is worth a spritz or two.

Available at Sephora, $45–81.

[attach]4077[/attach]Mix-it-up metropolitan

Make a splash and dive right in, ’cos summer’s near and it’s just about time to sip cocktails by the poolside or at some trendy bar.

The Marc Jacobs Splash Collection is a trio of scents — Ginger, Cranberry and Curaçao — each housed in a Marc Jacobs signature oversize rectangular glass bottle that oozes metropolitan chic. They’re summery light fragrances that can be used as room spray, and they’re not so feminine that men can’t wear them, so heads up if your bottle goes missing, ladies!

The Ginger scent, a spicy citrus with a glittering yellow tone, evokes ginger and nutmeg to start, then geranium and rhubarb, and finally amber and musk. A spray of this and you’re invigorated, fresh and ready to party until dawn.

The Cranberry, meanwhile, is woodsy, starting with pink grapefruit, cranberry and bergamot, and evolving into honeysuckle and red currant before a woodsy, icy musk end.

The deep cranberry hue evokes a setting summer sun — just right for the urban gal or guy who likes to unwind with pals, sipping cocktails from an urban rooftop setting.

The Curaçao juice is a touch sweeter than the rest. Inspired by the tropics, it derives its top note from blood oranges and lime, its middling note from violet, pear and apricot, and its final, lingering note from white moss and musk.

A bright blue shade, the hue of a tropical wave, this fragrance will call to the person who likes to daydream and escape and relax, sipping cocktails on the beach.

Get them while they’re hot — literally: the juicy trio will be around only until the end of summer.

Available at The Bay, Holt Renfrew, Sephora and Murale, about $85 each for 300ml.