Flemingdon Park

In the triangle formed by Eglinton Avenue to the north and the intersecting Don River and Don Valley Parkway lies the community of Flemingdon Park. The area is bisected east-west by the busy Don Mills Road.

The area west of the Don Mills Road is mostly devoted to the Ontario Science Center, a major tourist attraction opened in 1969. Don Mills Road is also home to a shopping center, but most of the area’s commercial and office buildings are located along Eglinton Avenue and the Don Valley Parkway.

To the east of Don Mills Road is a densely-populated planned community, first imagined by the city in the late 1950s. The ‘apartment city’, featuring mostly high-rise apartment buildings, was built in response to the demand for lower-rent housing for Canada’s then-new influx of immigrants. The area remains highly multicultural today.

Though the area suffered a below-the-poverty-line ratio of 47% in the mid-nineties, due in part to the high number of public housing buildings here, that number was halved more recently by the addition of middle-income houses and townhouses.

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