Aims to carry advocacy work into office

Recently retired lawyer looking for York Centre seat

After 35 years of working with the law John Fagan decided to run to help make a difference.

The 65-year-old, who retired only two months ago, is the NDP candidate for York Centre.

During his legal days Fagan said he was one of the few practising lawyers in his community who accepted legal aid.

“The people needed help and lots of lawyers would duck out at modest fee rates,” he said.

Fagan was called to the bar in 1975 after obtaining his law degree from the University of Toronto. He’s been living in the riding for the past 31 years.

He said since becoming a lawyer he’s advocated for the voiceless and marginalized. He was a member of the Canadian Civil Liberties Association and Amnesty International.

“My own experience shows me the protection of the little person always needs attention.” said Fagan.

He was also active with the Federation of Metro Tenants Association. The group represented and protected the tenants.

“At that time there was rampant inflation in the 1980s,” Fagan said.

“The battle was to keep housing affordable.”

As a lawyer Fagan would also volunteer his time and speak free of charge at community centers and schools to educate residents and students about the law.

Fagan eventually left his private practice to work for the Ontario Ministry of Revenue. He says his diverse experiences will provide him with an advantage if elected.

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By: Alima Hotakie
Posted: Sep 16 2011 2:20 pm
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