Canada 150 is almost over—it’s time to think about Canada 151+

60 of our Outstanding Neighbours nominated

This year has been a cause for celebration for many, but also a time of reflection for our country.  Indigenous peoples have lived more than 150 years of racism and the effects of colonization. 

As the late Gord Downie said: “We have 150 years behind us that we need to learn from and we’ve got 150 years ahead, and we’d better just get to work.”

As we look forward to the next 150 years, we know that reconciliation needs to be a priority, as does being truly intentional about supporting one another from coast to coast to coast.

The Prime Minister is clear that “better is always possible.”  Aspiring to “better” is made easier by the inspiring citizens showing the way.  As the Member of Parliament for Toronto-St. Paul’s, I am proud to represent so many inspiring people who are committed to bettering our community, our city, our province, our country and the planet.

The holiday season is often a very difficult time for some of our most vulnerable citizens.  It is so important at this time of year that we reach out to those around us, and practice what Jane Jacobs called “neighbourliness.”  As we celebrate the holidays with our families and friends, I’m proud to celebrate our Outstanding Neighbours, who are bettering the lives of those around them all year long.

Since Canada Day, we have been collecting nominations of inspiring individuals who are making a difference right here in Toronto-St. Paul’s.  As Canada 150 draws to a close, we are proud to recognize over 60 of our Outstanding Neighbours nominated by grateful members of our community:

• Mona Piper
• Christine Liber
• Joanne Kelly
• Maureen Sirois
• Ronald Beben
• Nonna Rogers
• Carol P. McLaughlin
• Theresa Courneyea
• Josephine Solomons
• Simon Strauss
• Jacob Bakan
• Frank Reilly
• Dan Abramsky
• Marina Quierolo
• Peter Moscone
• Elizabeth Cinello
• Helen Notley
• Elly Dowson
• Amanda Barker
• Melissa Coiffe
• Elly Dowson
• Staci Clayton
• Patricia Chartier
• Leslie Stoyan
• Chris Trussell
• Cynthia Dann-Beardsley
• Cookie Roscoe
• Bill Ikosipentarhos
• George Kourtis
• Harsh Chawla
• Albert Wiggan
• Roberto Martella
• Donna Koegl
• Claire Kilgour Hervey
• Murray Campbell
• Nichole Anderson
• Dionne Renée
• Steeve Teekens
• Patty Agrapidis
• Surrana Sandy
• John Carey
• Dan Yashinsky
• Lee Adamson
• Joanne Dileo
• Susan Scwhenger
• Snehan Gorain
• Robert Levy
• Lyba Spring
• Bill Worrell
• Sue Snyed
• Trish Lenz
• Ken Burford
• Andy Gort
• David Carter-Whitney
• Luis Barreto
• John M. Cummings
• Honey Novick
• Kym Klopp
• Kevin Deer
• Fiona Nelson
• Judy Vellend
• Jennifer Paul
• Lucius Paul
• Gini Dickie
• Chandra Sookdeosingh.

Canada is only as strong as the individual neighbourhoods of which it is comprised.  Outstanding Neighbours are setting an example for all of us as Canada enters its next 150 years.  If we all work together, Canada 151 will exemplify a recommitment to “neighbourliness”, equality and reconciliation.

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Posted: Dec 2 2017 7:09 pm
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