Hoggs Hollow

Hoggs Hollow is a small historic community descending down the southeastern hill on the corner of York Mills Road/Wilson Avenue and Yonge Street in the greater York Mills area of northern Toronto.

Famously successful Scottish distiller and grist miller Joseph Hogg originally owned the land here. After his sons sold the land in 141 plots in the mid 19th century, development was initially slow due to the physical challenges presented by the topography. By the 1950s, stone and modernist bungalows lined the streets, but have gradually been replaced with large new homes that sell today for between $1.2m and $7m, making Hoggs Hollow one of Toronto’s most affluent neighbourhoods.

Those aforementioned topographical challenges included quick sand, swamps and issues with the water table still cause problems – including basement flooding – in the area today.

The major intersection in the area is densely commercial and offers residents a plethora of shopping and dining choices. Also located in the neighbourhood is the historic Millers Tavern, built in 1857.

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