New Toronto software lets you follow your water use — and check for leaks

The City of Toronto has launched a new software to help Torontonians monitor their water consumption and recognize any leaks in their homes.

Digital water meter
Digital water meter.

“MyWaterToronto was created to help improve customer service and make it easier for customers to better understand their water use, identify potential leaks, and look at ways to save water and money,” Lou Di Gironimo, general manager of Toronto Water wrote in an email to the Town Crier.

Di Gironimo says, the program is the result of six years of hard work to better serve Torontonians.

“The tool is the culmination of a six-year capital program that involved installing automated water meter is in more than 470,000 homes and businesses in the city,” Di Gironimo said. By installing these meters, we are now receiving water use information electronically, which we can use to better serve our customers.”

The tool makes it easy for people to look for leaks and fix the problem before it becomes a bigger issue, or they receive and inflated water bill. The software is very user-friendly; residents can visit the MyWaterToronto website and enter some of their utility information. Residents are able to view their water consumption through either a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly graph.

To increase the accuracy of the information people can enter variable figures like precipitation and temperature, which will better explain the results.

Since the launching of the tool about a month ago more than 6,000 people have visited the site for total of 8,200 times. Di Gironimo says a second education campaign will be launched closer to summer when water consumption naturally increases.

So far, according to Di Gironimo, the feedback to the software has been positive.

“The Informal response to the software to date has been quite positive with several people tweeting about it and taking the time to send us a comment about how much they enjoy the tool,” he said.