Roll up your sleeves and get into spring cleaning


Now that the brutal winter is finally behind us, we can open the windows and rejoice in fresh air that is no longer frigid. But if you’ve noticed your home is not as fresh as that warm air you’re enjoying then it’s time to get out the buckets and mops.

It’s time for spring cleaning.

Yes, it’s not fun. Yes, it’s hard work. But it’s worth it. Who doesn’t want their home to be bright and clean?

And organized.

There’s more to spring cleaning than scrubbing and scouring. According to professional organizer Suzanne Perrett, we should not only clean our closets, but also clean out our closets — as well as the rest of our home.

“Spring is an excellent time to organize your pantry, closets, cabinets and drawers,” the Leaside resident said in a recent interview.

To avoid being overwhelmed, she suggests tackling your chores in small segments, and putting it all down on paper first.

“Make a list of the areas of the house you want to clean and/or organize,” she said. “Write down everything you need to do in each room.”

Before you get started, take an inventory of the cleaning supplies you have on hand.

If you wish to avoid the harsh chemicals found in the majority of household cleaning supplies, you might want to look into natural alternatives.

Robin Deyong, store manager at Dickson Home Hardware at 2028 Avenue Rd., suggests an Australian tea tree oil cleaner. He stocks the all-purpose cleaner, in a spray bottle, as well as a laundry detergent.

Once you start cleaning and purging, you should pay attention to the expiry dates on products you have stored in your kitchen pantry and bathroom medicine cabinet, Perrett said.

While food can go straight into your garbage, recycle bin or composter, you have to check with your local pharmacy to find out if they accept old medications for proper disposal. Many do.

You may not want your kids going through the medicine cabinet, but they can help with other organizing tasks, as well as with cleaning.

Many hands might make light work, but for those short on time — or short on patience — spring cleaning is a task they simply cannot tackle. Help is available.

A professional organizer like Perrett is willing to wade into your closets and cupboards and get them into tip-top shape. And a cleaning service, such as central Toronto’s Merry Maids, can have a team at your home in as little as a week’s notice.

“Everybody wants a break in the cleaning.” said Dolores Miccio, of Merry Maids.