Lawrence Manor

Bordered by the 401 to the north, Lawrence Avenue to the south, Allen Road to the west and Bathurst Street to the east is the community of Lawrence Mannor. This residential neightbourhood is family-oriented relatively quiet despite its central location in northern Toronto.

The area is home to a large population or Orthodox Jews, and there are several synagogues to be found here. The neighbourhood also contains many Jewish schools of varying level for boys, girls or mixed-attendance.

Bathurst Street in this area is a thrum of Jewish cultural activity. Hasidic men in black hats and payos as well as women in long black dresses and their children poplate the many cultural centers, shops and restaurants in the area.

The eastern end of the community is, like much of this area of Toronto, skyrocketing in property value as people renovate, build or become willing to pay more for the original homes here.

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