TODAY’S STREETER: Higher parking fees?

We asked: “How do you feel about the increase in parking fines?”

Margaret Kennedy, at a coffee shop in Leaside
“I agree with increasing the fines. My story has always been, since my kids were babies, if they were in the ambulance being raced to Sick Kids and you were parked because you’d gone in for a coffee, you deserve to have your car towed and dumped into Lake Ontario. Maybe not that dramatic, but you understand what I’m saying.”

Glen Mattingly, at a shopping plaza near Bathurst and Lawrence
“I’m maybe somewhere in the middle. Maybe it’s a little bit too much money. I think people are pretty aware that parking is limited 9-5, and that people know that after 9 p.m. you can park for free. But I think it makes sense to ease congestion and free up the roads.”

Suzanne Hartmann, employee at a clothing boutique in Forest Hill
“I thought they were relaxing a lot of the parking restrictions with this (Crosstown) construction going on. We need all the help we can get if people want to drive to come to our store. A lot of times you might have just been one minute late (getting back to the parking meter), and that’s considered illegal.”

John Ellis, at a coffee shop in Leaside
“I agree with it, but I think there’s two sides of the fence on it. Illegal parking out in front of a Tim Hortons when a guy just wants to run in and get a coffee, you see it all the time, but then as far as couriers trying to make a delivery, it’s tough. Where do they go? Some stores don’t have a back. There has to be some discretion from the cops.”

David Gold, at a shopping plaza near Bathurst and Lawrence
“I’m against it. It’s hard downtown. I travel downtown a lot. It’s making it more difficult. The private parking lots are going to go even higher. It’s already three dollars for 20 minutes. I don’t think it’s good.”

Mike Mozadeh, employee at a pizza shop in Forest Hill
“It’s not good for us. It’s going to bring down our business. We don’t have any parking here. Sometimes people have to stop so we can deliver pizza to them or they can come in. The (paid parking) lot across the street is always full.”

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By: Shawn Star
Posted: Jan 30 2014 8:01 pm
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