10 laneways named in Ward 21

Process took two years, is only the beginning, councillor says

After a two-year process that involved a specialized adjudication committee and dozens of resident-submitted applications, Councillor Joe Mihevc unveiled new names for 10 laneways in Ward 21 after a Toronto and East York Community Council meeting on Tuesday Oct. 6.

One of the laneways, Bilton Lane, lies in Forest Hill Village, while another, Tollkeepers Lane, is southeast of Bathurst Street and Davenport Road. The others lie west of Bathurst Street and east of Shaw Street and Winona Drive.

“This is a wonderful way to celebrate local achievements and people who have really made a difference in the great community that is our ward,” Mihevc said.

According to a city staff report, Bilton Lane was named after George Bilton, the long-time owner of a Forest Hill Village grocery store that was located at the northwest corner of Spadina and Lonsdale Roads from 1926 until 1986.

Tollkeeper’s Lane is named after the historic Tollkeeper’s Cottage located at the corner of Davenport Road and Bathurst Street.

Before each of the new names could be finalized, the adjudication committee had to secure the approval of up to seven other parties, including nearby residents, descendants of those being honoured, and the city’s three emergency services departments.

These 10 names are only the first round, Mihevc said, and residents are encouraged to submit more.

“This only really names about 10 per cent of the laneways in ward 21,” Mihevc said. “We’re going to do it again.”

Outdoor ceremonies are to be held to unveil the new signs for each laneway, most likely in spring.

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Posted: Oct 9 2015 3:04 pm
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