4 Howard St. demolished to make way for 53-storey development

The house at 4 Howard St., listed as a heritage building, has been demolished — bringing the construction of a highrise condominium building at the northeast corner of Howard and Sherbourne streets a step closer.

4 Howard St. before demolition
BOARDED UP: The house at 4 Howard St. was left to deteriorate before the city gave permission to knock it down.

Demolition crews brought down the boarded-up former residence today, several months after getting the go-ahead from the city.

City staff noted it had been a heritage-listed property since August 2010.

But the house has been undergoing “demolition by deterioration (demolition by neglect) for many years,” a staff report said.

The new development, known as Burke Condos, is planned to rise 53 storeys above the intersection, wrapping around three remaining houses on Sherbourne.

It will offer a total of 501 units of 530 to 2091 square feet, priced from $771,900 to more than $2.6 million.

Further protection for other heritage houses

Heritage Preservation Services signed off on the demolition permit for 4 Howard St.

Plan for 603 Sherbourne
AT GROUND LEVEL: Heritage houses and a public park are part of the complex that will rise 53 storeys high.

Former residential buildings at 603, 605 and 607 Sherbourne Street, around the corner from Howard Street, are also heritage listed but have the further protection of being designated as heritage sites.

Designation goes beyond listing to give the city authority to reject construction that would adversely affect a property’s heritage features.

The developer, Concert Properties, is incorporating the Sherbourne buildings into the new complex, promising the restoration of the heritage houses.

Mixed-use podiums and a public park are also included in the design.