46 rentals proposed for Chaplin

Eldebron Holdings plans to add an extension to its residential property near the Belt Line Trail.

There are currently two eight-storey rental buildings on site and the proposal is to build a 14-storey extension on the 515 Chaplin Crescent property.

This project would require demolishing 18 apartments located on a southern corner of the building but would add 46 new rentals plus 36 condos.

The application is in the early stages of the planning process and Eglinton-Lawrence Councillor Karen Stintz says there are number of issues to resolve.

“There are some concerns whether the infill (housing) will work in the neighbourhood,” she says “I have questions of whether we can make it work. And I am not sure if the height is appropriate and how the shadows will impact on the Forest Hill Memorial play area.”

The Forest Hill Memorial Park is across the street. A running, walking and cycling trail is nearby.

A city planning report cites 10 main issues to be resolved including how the building fits in with the existing neighbourhood and whether the height is appropriate. Also included in the report is a relocation assistant plan for current tenants in the rental units slated for demolition.

No decision have been made on the proposal.

Stintz plans to hold a community meeting in the months to come.