A grandmother's words

The following is an excerpt from Letecia Ferrigno’s speech given on Oct. 1 at the memorial for her grandson, Justice Ferrigno, who was murdered June 12, 2010.

Before I start reading this letter we would like to thank Mr. Joe Mihevc for honouring my grandson Justice Ferrigno and thus express our sorrow. Believe me Mr. Mihevc, Canada needs many more people like yourself. Thank you for everything!

This unbearable pain is so deep within my heart. Justice, I have no more peace since you left. The only thing that now keeps me alive is this overwhelming thirst for justice! Man’s justice, because God is more just and unavoidable, since it is written among his commandments: ‘Thou shalt not kill’.

You don’t know how great and painful this sorrow is that you have caused us. Not only did you kill a 16-year-old boy, but an entire family. I pity you now. Those now suffering are us, but have you stopped to think that you carry this death, etched in your evil heart for the rest of your life?

And no matter how much they may wish to instill values in you, which you obviously lack, you won’t be able to handle them. Your thirst for killing was noticeable because just 30 minutes before killing my grandson, you threatened three other 15-year-olds with the same knife.

I only plead for justice for Justice and for all those mothers who are going through the horrendous pain caused by the loss of a son. That is why I raise my voice on behalf of those mothers and families who clamor for justice.

Mr. Prime Minister of Canada, I plead with you and to God, with all due respect, that you read this message written with the most heartfelt sentiment. We have no judge or lawyer friends, nor do we have friends in the police force. Because of that, in the name of all those mothers whose sons were murdered one way or another, we clamor for justice. This speech, with all due respect, goes to you from a desperate grandmother whose will to live has been taken away. We appeal to your fairness and honesty. Many of these families voted for you because they thought you were the right person to hold high the values of this great country and on behalf of all those mothers, I ask of you that you order an exhaustive investigation of this murder by the courts. From the deepest corner of my heart, many, many thanks and God bless you.

Justice is no longer here to defend himself against the morbid allegations against him. He may not have been a pure white dove, but with great pride and dignity I say my grandson was not a murderer, he never killed anyone.

Dearest loved one, wherever you may be, you are always going to be with us because you were our souls, our heart and our lives. We love you.