A holiday gift for every type of kid

[size=7][color=DarkRed]T[/color]he season of toys is upon us, and even though your kids or extended family members may have a Santa’s wish list a mile long, sometimes a little inspiration in the toy store can help when you’re stumped.

Santa’s testers at Toronto’s Mastermind Toys have compiled a list of personalities and their corresponding presents for us, showcasing their top five picks for tots to tweens.

When you need a toy gift idea, thinking of potential presents in terms of personality types could make the process of elimination fun and could land you with the gift of the century that’s perfectly suited to the person you’re buying for.

[color=DarkRed]1[/color] [color=DarkOrange]The Explorer in Training[/color]

[attach]3164[/attach]Beep Beep Toddler’s First Roadway System (various prices), ages 18 months +

A Mastermind exclusive, this new line of car-play toys for little ones is perfectly designed. The track snaps together easily like a puzzle, and the cars start and stop with a simple pat to their roof. Other toys in the line include a fun parking garage and ramp racer set.

[attach]3166[/attach][color=DarkRed]2[/color] [color=DarkOrange]Builders and Make Believers[/color]

4D CityScape Playsets ($29.95), ages 10+

Your favourite cities, including Toronto, in a cool 700 piece puzzle format. Assemble the puzzle to form the base, complete with glow-in-the dark streets and street names, and then add the major building landmark pieces to complete your cool cityscape model.

[color=DarkRed]3[/color] [color=DarkOrange]The Fashionista[/color]

Trunki ($49.95), ages 3+

Junior jetsetters will love traveling this holiday when they get to pack their funky Trunki, the lightweight luggage for little people.

Featuring a fun and colourful design, this ride-on luggage is filled with kid-friendly features like chunky wheels and a tow-strap for easy travel, internal straps, secret compartments and more.

[color=DarkRed]4[/color] [color=DarkOrange]The Little Professor[/color]

Smart Lab Squishy Brain Kit ($29.95), ages 8+

It sees! It hears! It feels! But wait, there’s more — it’s squishy. Amazing Squishy Brain is a 24 piece, anatomically correct model with moving jawbone. Ready to build a brain, then pick it apart?
This kit will blow your mind as your child will get a hands-on science anatomy lesson of the brain. It’s puzzle-like assembly makes it fun to do and easy to learn.

[attach]3165[/attach][color=DarkRed]5 [/color] [color=DarkOrange]The Mini Rock Star[/color]

Super-Star Stage Microphone ($39.95), ages 4+

A star is born! The Super Star Microphone comes with a stand and cool sound effects like applause. The best part is you can sing along to your favourite tunes since it includes an MP3 jack as well.