A wealth of seniors resources

Eric Hoskins

One of the things I love most about our St. Paul’s neighbourhoods is how we all pull together to help each other.

We have among the strongest support networks in Toronto, and it’s all thanks to volunteers and grassroots activists. And among the most active groups out there helping each other out are seniors.

Age is just a number for our active seniors, who have found strength, knowledge, skills, new friends and a purposeful voice in working together.

But we all have a role in supporting our seniors. Many are grandparents who help with childcare. Many have a great number of skills and much wisdom to share with neighbours and the broader community.

I hesitate to describe our seniors as vulnerable. By and large, they are as independent as any 30-year-old. Sometimes, though, bad weather or a health downturn brings hardship.

If you have a neighbour who’s a senior that might be having a hard time, don’t hesitate to offer a hand. That’s especially important in the winter, when snow and ice might keep some seniors housebound and isolated.

If you are a senior and looking to get together with other seniors, there’s a wealth of resources in St. Paul’s for you.

The York-Fairbank Senior Centre at 2213 Dufferin St. has provided an amazing range of important support and recreation services for St. Paul’s seniors for more than 30 years. These include technology courses, advocacy workshops, wellness programs and help accessing other health or assistance programs for seniors. It’s also a great place to meet new friends.

Call York-Fairbank Senior Centre at 416-651-8300 or email them at for more information.

For a full array of health and home-care services, SPRINT Senior Care is a popular and effective non-profit agency in North Toronto. In addition, they host an abundance of activities at their day-time active living centre, including workshops, art groups, exercise classes, social functions as well as help accessing transportation, better nutrition and caregiving.

SPRINT has several locations throughout midtown Toronto. Visit, call them at 416-481-6411, or email at