Agreement reached in proposed condo development

Holly, Dunfield tenants to settle with property owners at OMB

After two years, the tenants association at 33 Holly St. and 44 Dunfield Ave. has come to an agreement with the property owner about proposed condo developments to be attached to the existing buildings.

The tenants association and the property owner will attend a scheduled settlement hearing at the Ontario Municipal Board on March 21, association representative Rocco Mattucci said in an email.

The original proposal was to create 24- and 32-storey condo buildings attached to the two existing buildings, as well as add an additional five storeys to the existing buildings. The add-ons would include amenities such as swimming pools.

The plan was strongly opposed by both the renters and Ward 22 councillor Josh Matlow.

“The building adjacent to the existing building were not the principle concern — it was the five storeys of condos they wanted to build essentially on stilts, on top of an existing rental building,” Matlow said.

The added amenities would be available only to the condo owners and not the renting residents where the amenities were actually housed, an idea Matlow called classist.

“Not only was that just insane, but the amenities including the pool would have been reserved exclusively for condo owners,” Matlow said. “The tenants who lived below would only be able to look through the window. It was a classist, insensitive and obnoxious proposal.”

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Posted: Mar 17 2016 10:19 am
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