All quiet for Leaside businessmen and their extortionist

The deadline an extortionist gave Leaside businessmen Patrick Rocca and Andy Elder came and went.

The two men fell victim to suspicious online activity when they received emails from an individual requesting $250,000 US in Bitcoin. If they did not comply by Nov. 30, the individual would release personal information about them and their loved ones.

By mid-December Rocca and Elder heard nothing but digital silence from the alleged blackmailer. They also did not bow to the alleged Anonymous member.

Andy Elder said the last communication they had was a warning email on Nov. 13, noting the Nov. 30 was nearing.

Regardless of the silence, they have not stopped their search to uncover just who the suspect is.

“The good news is it stopped,” Elder said of the extortion attempts in a late December phone call. “We haven’t found the person yet and we continue to work behind the scenes.”

Rocca, who was vacationing in Florida when Streeter reached out to him, said he is keeping a low profile while police continue to look into the issue.

“It’s gone quiet, so we would like to keep it low key for now,” he said, in an email.

Toronto Police spokesperson, Caroline de Kloet was mum about the case, declining to provide updates on the case.

“This is an active investigation,” she said. “Details are not released on such investigations.”