Anti-Wynne billboard gets mixed reaction from passersby

Billboard ad depicting Wynne
CONTROVERSY? This billboard is a cause for discussion around its Eglinton and Laird location.

If you’ve noticed a billboard ad on Laird Drive just south of Eglinton Avenue in Leaside asking for signatures on a petition to fire Premier Kathleen Wynne, you’re not alone.

The attention-grabbing ad pictures Wynne and proclaims “Stop the corruption! Stop the lies!” before asking people to visit a website and sign a petition to have her resign.

Several passersby gave their opinions of the ad, which was taken out by The Rebel Media — a company founded by outspoken right-wing commentator Ezra Levant following the closing down of Sun News Network a year ago. According to the website, the ad went up at the beginning of February and the groups plans to put up another billboard elsewhere soon.

One woman said she thinks it’s an example of what politics has become recently.

“It’s dirty,” she said. “It’s not nice, but that’s what they do.”

Others took issue with the ad’s vagueness.

“It says ‘stop corruption’ but doesn’t specify how she’s corrupt, and it says ‘stop lies’ but doesn’t specify what she lied about,” one man said. “It only implies.”

That man, however, still believed the ad should remain because of freedom of speech laws — a popular opinion, held by those who liked the ad and those who didn’t.

One woman who liked the ad said she was “not a fan of Wynne” and believes the premier is trying “to live a socialist life for herself and her friends,” while a man who felt the sign was harsh said “if they want people to sign a petition they could use a better choice of words.”

In a letter to the Town Crier, Thursfield Crescent resident Desre Kramer calls the sign “deeply offensive” to the community.”

“I do believe that this sort of negative public discourse has no role in Canadian politics,” Kramer writes. “I would like this poster taken down.”

The ad’s placement is suspect, being not only in the Don Valley West riding Wynne represents, but also less than 200 metres from her constituency office on Eglinton Avenue East. Staff at that office declined to comment and Wynne’s office at Queen’s Park did not return a call for comment.

Wynne has launched a lawsuit for alleged defamatory statements before. In 2014, she filed suit against the Ontario PC Party, its then-leader Tim Hudak and MPP Lisa MacLeod during the provincial election for comments made regarding what the defendants claimed to be Wynne’s role in the gas plant scandal. The case settled out of court in July last year, with a joint statement issued by all involved parties.

Levant also has a history of being sued for libel, two cases in which the plaintiffs were awarded damages and several times resulting in apologies and retractions.

While it’s not known if this billboard reaches the threshold of defamation, at least one passerby lauded the placement of the ad in Wynne’s backyard.

“It should stay,” he said. “For competitive spirit, you know?”

— with files from Alexei Malakhov

9 thoughts on “Anti-Wynne billboard gets mixed reaction from passersby

  • Gerry Dionne


    • LOL, i want one for the front lawns of every home on my street. I still have not met one single person that likes her, trusts her or has one good word to say about her. And considering she got voted in during a gas plant scandal with police involvement, save to say she bribed her way to the top. CORRUPTION!

  • Tammie l so totally agree with this billboard. Wynne and her cronies need to be fired immediately. They have destroyed Ontario not only with debt and more tax schemes but also with the sex education plans. Just because she has no moral compass doesn’t mean we should have to teach our children not to have. And l don’t make that statement because like Wynne has told people that don’t agree that they are homophobic. l have friends who are gay and also think what she wants our children taught is disgusting. I think parents know what their children should be taught, Not any government

    • John Johnston


  • Concerned ontarian

    I approve this ad and applaud all who stand behind it. I wish all of us ontarians who are fed up with this would band together and get her out. We put her in there, we should be the ones the ones to kick her out before it’s far o late.

  • Wynne and McGuinty before her are lying, cheating, arrogant socialists trying the engineer Ontarian’s lives. These signs should be on every major corner of every city and town in Ontario. These two clowns have destroyed what was once the economic engine of Canada. The RCMP should be requested to investigate where all the money went. These two are should be held accountable in a court of law. Wynne and her entire cast of lap dogs should be fired.

  • Wynn and liberals have destroyed Ontario over the last 11 years. I helped fund this billboard and it is my right to make my voice and opinion heard.

    Ontario taxpayers are over $300,000. in debt thanks to the tax and spend liberals and it is time for her to step down. And for the OPP to maybe do their jobs and investigate this government.

    I am a FEDUP taxpayer of ONTARIO.

    • Mike Johnston

      Never happen; that’s why they keep getting raises above inflation and the private sector

  • frank

    awesome billboard should be up in ottawa as well

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