Avenue Road's new pipe causing headaches

A Town Crier Community Column

The project to replace the watermain under Avenue Road has been causing all sorts of headaches for residents and drivers alike.

“It takes me three times as long to go to work,” said one area resident.

Those living near the project have also had to deal with noise that starts at 6:30 a.m. and the sight of manholes and construction vehicles.

The 100 year old cast iron pipe is the main drainage conduit for the area. While it hasn’t failed yet, almost a century’s worth of corrosion have led to several minor floods since 1996.

The existing pipe will remain in the ground but will be bypassed with a new pipe encased in concrete which will give it a longer life.

The replacement project runs from MacPherson Avenue to Caribou Road to and the city hopes to have it completed by fall.

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By: Glenn Smith
Posted: Feb 18 2011 4:40 pm
Filed in: NEWS
Edition: Toronto