Bad Bayview still a pain for drivers

City says a fix is still a bumpy two years away

The only person who isn’t bothered by the bumpy ride on Bayview Avenue is mechanic Valentino Dorobantu.

For the last six years he’s worked at Advance Automotive Car Care, at York Mills Road and Leslie Street, where he’s repaired vehicles that have been victims of the terrain fit for off-road vehicles. Ball joints, struts, shocks, wheel bearings and control arms — he’s fixed them all.

Badly maintained roads can be costly for car owners. Dorobantu has had to write up bills as high as $35,000 for repair jobs that seemed to have been caused by driving on pot-holed roads.

Dorobantu’s just grateful he doesn’t have to take Bayview Avenue for his daily commute.

“It’s very bumpy even for my truck,” Dorobantu said, adding that road conditions get really bad by Steeles Avenue East. “The right side of the road bumps up and up and up.”

Stan Budco lives at Bayview and Sheppard avenues and drives north on Bayview to visit his girlfriend’s parents in Richmond Hill.

“It feels like a third world country, that’s for sure,” he said.

Relief is on the way, but residents will have to be patient.

The deterioration of Bayview Avenue is reaching a critical level and if the city delays repairs any longer, the problem could get a lot worse, says Transportation Service’s Manager of Operational Planning and Policy Nazzareno Capano.

Capano said that the last time the stretch between York Mills Road and the 401 was resurfaced was in 1985. A resurfacing job lasts between 20 and 25 years, but uptown residents will have to wait until 2013 for a new coat of asphalt.

The cost to repair the 4 km stretch between York Mills Road to Finch Avenue East stretch is $4.2 million and Capano said that repairs are expected to take at least one month to complete.

Utility companies have until 2013 to upgrade their services before a three-year moratorium on road cuts into goes into effect.

Back in 2010, Bayview Avenue was rated number 17 on the CAA’s list of the worst roads in Ontario.

CAA spokesperson Teresa Di Felice said that the ratings are complaint-based. The auto club then sends out an informal shortlist to the Ontario Road Builder’s Association for further investigation.

The Builder’s Association found that at Bayview and York Mills cracking is “significant and definitely requires maintenance, with some sections of the pavement crumbled and popping out.”

Budco and his girlfriend will have to make due. He thinks it’s a Toronto-specific problem pointing out that their relatives in Richmond Hill don’t notice a thing.

“It’s just a Toronto problem, between York Mills and Steeles,” he said.

Here’s what some who drive Bayview Avenue are saying about the road’s state of repair according to the CAA

“It damaged my suspension and cost me $4,500 (that I didn’t have) to fix!”

“This stretch of Bayview is full of patched potholes … which are constantly being heaved and repaired. This leads to a horrible ride — I’ve had to replace tires due to hitting these potholes at inopportune moments.”

“It’s through one of the most expensive neighbourhoods in the city, but is full of potholes! It amazes me. I’ve heard that these expensive neighbourhoods don’t like construction and use their influence to avoid it, and that’s why this road is not fixed even though every time I drive on it I want to apologize to my car! Not really more than a rumour, but I really can’t think of why this road has been so bad for so long!”

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