Beaches-East York councillor cycling for Crush COVID fundraiser

On April 24, Beaches-East York councillor Brad Bradford is gearing up for the ride of his life. He will be spending a full 24 hours on a bike in support of front-line workers at Michael Garron Hospital.

Bradford and the Toronto Hustle team are joining other cyclists participating in the Crush COVID fundraising event on Zwift which starts from April 24 at 6 p.m. to April 25 at 6 p.m.

The event was organized by Toronto Hustle in partnership with Michael Garron Hospital to let cyclist raise funds for the hospital to purchase necessary resources like protective equipment.

“Many people were already training and had goals around big charity events like Ride for Cancer which have been cancelled, so I was thinking why don’t we harness that energy and respond in a thoughtful way towards community healthcare,” Bradford said

“This is their hour of need where they need us to give back and help support them while they’re keeping us safe.”

Bradford said the community  has been reaching out in various ways to help make a difference.

“In some cases that’s food banks, connecting service providers with resources,we’ve got a lot of folks pulling out their sewing machines making masks and decorating people windows to lift spirits.”

The original goal for the hospital was $10,000, but they have already raised more than $80,000. The goal has since been updated to $100,000. They have 38 teams and over 300 participants joining the Crush Covid battle.

“It’s been really cool to see the organic growth of the event and just how many people have signed up and participated,” Bradford said. :”We already have over 700 people donate and that just speaks to me how important  community hospitals and our frontline workers are right now.”

Bradford will be livestreaming through the 24 hours during the fundraiser on his Facebook page. He will be answering questions and listening to music, but the most important motivator for him is the thought of all the work the front line workers are putting in each and everyday, he said.

Also Travis Samuel from team Toronto Hustle will be setting out to break the world record for distance travelled on an indoor bike

Bradford  is encouraging everyone to take part and show support in whatever ways they can, be it solo riding, teams or even by donating and as an incentive their will be special prizes for some participants from other hospitals, the bike team among other sponsors.

Lazer Helmets is giving away a helmet to the top fundraiser. Endurance Tap is providing energy gels. Jakroo is giving away a couple of cycling clothing kits, Bradford said.

For information on how to participate, check the Toronto Hustle website.

For information on how to donate, check the Crush COVID website.