Break-in escape foiled—by falling ladder, police report

An attempted break-in near Danforth and Coxwell avenue with a ladder this afternoon failed when the ladder fell, leaving the man stranded off the ground, police say.

A man was arrested shortly afterwards, but not before a spirited attempt to escape atop the buildings.

“He was trying to break into a building using a ladder but the ladder fell over,” said police media relations officer Const. Alex Li. “This left him jumping over rooftops attempting to flee.”

Police had received the call around 3:30 p.m.

A police twitter report said the male allegedly kicked in a window and entered a home — presumably before the ladder fell away.

The area was closed off by police during the rooftop pursuit but re-opened within the hour.

No injuries were reported.

The identity of the person arrested has not been released except to say it was an adult male, Li said.