Building collapse on Jones buries and kills man

TFS took two hours to get body out of trench from under debris, mud and concrete

A man has died of his injuries after becoming trapped in a trench when part of a house under construction collapsed in the east end Sunday morning.

Emergency crews responded to calls for a possible explosion and people trapped at the structure at 375 Jones Ave. north of Boultbee Avenue shortly after 8 a.m., said Stephan Powell, district chief of Toronto Fire Services.

They found a man buried in a two-metre deep trench under the weight of debris, mud and concrete. Neighbours were reportedly trying to uncover him.

It took TFS two hours to get him out, Powell said.

The extricated man, showing no vital signs, was rushed to hospital by paramedics, but he was pronounced dead.

Other people had been on the work site when the collapse occurred, but no other injuries were reported.

Despite early reports of an explosion, it is not known whether there had actually been an explosion, according to Powell. “My guess would be no,” he said.

No cause of the accident has been released yet. It is being investigated by Ontario’s Ministry of Labour.

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Posted: Jul 20 2020 9:59 am