A new-brand Pillow Shoppe on Eglinton

Same place, same selection—but more—at VII Designs

After three “fantastic” years in business on Eglinton Avenue W., Pillow Shoppe owner Viive Tork is rebranding the store as VII Designs + Gifts.

pillowsThe rebranding lets the Pillow Shoppe brand to pursue manufacturing opportunities and carry a wider selection of home accessories, Tork says.

“The Pillow Shoppe branding is really about the pillows, and I have more to offer,” Tork says. “Plus, too many people drive past and see the word ‘pillow’ and figure, ‘I don’t need a pillow,’ so they keep going.”

In addition to remaining in the same location, VII Designs + Gifts will carry the same range of custom, locally made pillows the Pillow Shoppe is known for. It will simply carry a wider range of giftware as well, such as the current holiday feature: high quality Estonian décor.

The Pillow Shoppe’s signs haven’t been changed yet, but that’s to come. Customers interested in receiving the latest updates are encouraged to visit the new website at viidesigns.ca.

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Posted: Dec 3 2015 10:51 am
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