Bakery rolls out the flour power

[attach]1287[/attach]Bread lovers on the Danforth can follow their noses to Dough Bakeshop.

The bakery at 173 Danforth Ave. sells breads and pastries baked fresh on the premises every day. A different selection of breads, buns, sweets and treats is available each day of the week.

Co-owner Benita Black says although there may be other bakeries in the area, she and her neighbours saw a distinct lack of stores like hers.

“We noticed that there wasn’t a shop that focused specifically on baking fresh bread,” says Black. “Having lived in the neighbourhood for a long time, I just got used to the fact that there wasn’t a bake shop like this.”

But when she and business partner Tracy O’Hara got to talking about baking, an idea surfaced. If the lack of freshly baked bread was the problem, why not become the solution?

And so, Dough was born.

Black and O’Hara set to work on their shop, giving local shoppers the chance to sample their baked goods during Taste of the Danforth in August.

The shop officially opened Oct. 1.

So far, business has been booming, the pair says.

“We get all kinds of customers,” says Black. “People on their way to work in the morning who want a croissant and coffee to go, parents grabbing a loaf of bread before lunchtime and folks on their way home from work picking up something for dinner.”

Dough also has regulars who drop by on specific days of the week when their favourite loaf is available.

“We have one customer who likes the organic spelt bread,” Black says, “so she comes in on Wednesdays and buys four loaves at a time.”

Whether patrons come in for gluten-free muffins on Tuesdays or the Saturday sourdough, each day has its own flavour and brings in a new crowd.

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