BIA cleans up Eglinton West stretch

Nick Alampi jokes he wasn’t given the key to the city — just the key to the recycling bin.

The board chair of the [url=]York Eglinton BIA[/url] has been leading the Eglinton Ave. West neighborhood, and arguably the rest of Toronto, with his vision for clean city streets for six years now.

“We were the first to introduce the 15-minute cleanup,” Alampi said of his BIA’s efforts.

Five years ago Alampi walked the Eglinton Ave. West strip handing out brooms and dustbins to business owners. Apparently some of the business owners still have them.

Those brooms will be put to good use this Sat., July 11 when the BIA will be holding its fifth annual Community Clean-Up Day, an event spearheaded by Alampi, owner of [url=]Andrew’s Formals[/url] and [url=]Anthony’s Menswear and Imported Shoes[/url].

While business owners sweep the debris from their storefronts and into plastic bags, volunteers will be removing trash from the streets, parks and even bus shelters along Eglinton Ave. from Marlee Ave. to Dufferin St.

The BIA is inviting residents to come out for a barbeque and then lend a helping hand. Paid helpers will be removing stinky bags that have been on the street for several days, though Alampi said he anticipates volunteers will help with that as well.

The Clean-Up Day is an important event, Alampi said, that shows how communities can come together and educate themselves about proper waste management.

But this year the event is especially important as the BIA has so far not provided for garbage pick up during the strike.

Alampi admitted the issue of garbage pickup by the BIA is a touchy subject. Residents who live above stores in apartments have nowhere to put their garbage and are dumping their trash in the back alleys or in receptacles where business owners put their garbage.

They’re doing their best, he said, but the street isn’t looking good.

“We’re seeing Eglinton at a point of its worst,” he said.

Last year’s event drew 60 volunteers and Alampi said he wants spread the word about this year’s event.

“The more volunteers in our community, the more excited our businesses get,” he said.

Residents can also drop off their old electronics like computers at the [url=]Inorganic Market[/url] booth, where they will be organized for recycling purposes.

The York-Eglinton BIA Community Clean-Up Day will begin at 11:30 a.m. with a barbeque at the Green P parking lot at 1607 Eglinton Ave. West at Oakwood Ave. For more information visit [url=][/url]