BIA steering committee still hopeful

[attach]7575[/attach]Diana Sideris blames prohibitive weather conditions for the lower-than-expected turnout on March 4 to a two-part open house intended to drum up support for a midtown business improvement area along Yonge Street, and says she remains “very confident it’s going to go forward.”

Only 20 business owners attended the event at Grano and Quince Bistro restaurants. An estimated 500 businesses operate within the proposed BIA boundaries, between Soudan Avenue and Merton Street.

Freezing temperatures, Sideris said, also led to cancelled reservations at Tabülè, a restaurant she operates at 2009 Yonge St.

She said the notion of a BIA was “very well received” by those who did attend the open house and she was encouraged by telephone messages from others.

“I had so many people tell me, ‘I can’t come to the meeting, but consider me in,’” she said. “Even though it was a smaller turnout, I’m very confident it’s going to go forward.”

The steering committee is planning another open house for mid-April.

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