Gag gifts add holiday cheer

Snakes in a can or the infamous rubber chicken are all classic gags that can add laughter to the holiday season - From our 2010 Holiday Gift Guide

[size=7][color=DarkRed]T[/color]he holidays are often a stressful time and if you are in a bit of a tizzy trying to find the perfect gift, maybe this year it’s time to give the gift of laughter.

“Everybody becomes a child when you see a joke,” said Anna Zejn, manager of the Ontario Specialty Company, a store that sells all sorts of fun items such as whoopee cushions and hand buzzers. “It’s laughter, you have to laugh. In this society everything’s so stressful so you have to laugh.”

Gag gifts and practical jokes can be an excellent choice for those in need of some comic-relief during the holiday season.

“A lot of people buy (gag gifts or practical jokes) to do it on another person who’s stressed out,” said Zejn. “It just puts a smile on a person’s face.”

However, be warned, these types of gifts are not for everyone. Certain people may find some joke gifts to be offensive, politically incorrect or in poor taste.

“Consider what type of person it is,” Zejn said. “You got to know the person.”

In a cautionary tale, Zejn told the story of a man who’s birthday party was held at a bar. One of the gifts he received was a fake lottery ticket which led him to believe he had instantly become a millionaire.

“Before anybody knows the guy who thinks he won went up to the bar and decided to buy everybody rounds of drink,” Zejn said. “So I mean it can be dangerous but I think it’s all in good fun.”

[color=DarkRed]Things to consider before buying a gag gift:[/color]

• Who am I buying this for and what kind of sense of humour does he or she have?
• Where and when will I be giving this gift? Who will be there?
• Will I use this gift to play a joke on the person I’m giving it to or to play jokes on others?
• Can this gift be used more than once?
• Will the recipient use this joke against me?

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