Get your yoga and ecology workout together at new studio

[attach]1318[/attach]The corporate world is not for everyone. For Joanna Dela Cruz and Mia Gagic, leaving the corporate world was the best decision they say they’ve ever made.

The pair opened Green Lavender an eco-store and yoga studio located on Dundas Street West, east of Keele Street, to reflect their passions.

“It’s a breath of fresh air,” said Cruz, who is also a yoga instructor at the studio.

“This is our dharma,” said Cruz explaining that dharma means fate. She added that opening Green Lavender was their destiny and is not just about making money but about making a difference.

“Through yoga, you realize that there is a world outside of yours,” said Gagic.

She said with that level of awareness you can see the importance of purchasing eco-friendly items because the choices you make can have an impact on others.

“It’s not just eco-living, it’s responsible living,” said Gagic.

Cruz and Gagic said that the community has been very supportive of their business.

“The people around us make a point of caring about small stores,” said Gagic.

The store sells eco-friendly goods from household products to personal care.

“We have a huge emphasis on locally produced products,” said Gagic.

She said that they go out of their way to ensure that all their manufacturers are 100 percent natural and fair trade.

“We make (sure) our products (are) eco-accessible, affordable,” said Cruz.

After working for years side-by-side in their cubicles, at a major grocery retailer Gagic and Cruz are enjoying the freedom that comes with owning their business.

“It’s liberating to do something with a purpose and have it be your job,” said Gagic.

The yoga studio provides both private and semi-private classes. A class schedule is available at [url][/url]