Happy to window shop

[attach]1286[/attach]Picture this: you grab a good book, make a cup of tea, flop down in your favourite comfy chair and … wave to the folks staring at you from the sidewalk?

That’s a familiar scene at Roxanne Reads on Queen Street East near Broadview Avenue. The bookstore, selling new and gently used books, is less than one year old and customers are encouraged to relax on the couch and chairs including the one in the front window.

“It’s fun for people, acting like the window display,” says Roxanne Deans, owner of the shop. “A lot of customers do it.”

She is a very hands on owner as the shop is lined with shelves filled with reads Deans has personally chosen.

“I literally pick and chose every single book that goes on the shelf,” she says.

Deans tries to give Riverdale residents the chance to enjoy a variety of activities at her shop including monthly book club, writer’s group, music nights or tarot and palmistry readings.

“I’m always looking for something different to do,” Deans says. “I guess you could say that’s what sets us apart from other stores.”

Deans, a former actor and theatre producer, says she took a leap of faith by opening the store last year. Starting out as an online bookstore, she eventually decided to put her dreams into reality by moving into the Riverdale location.

Although she doesn’t get the chance to read as much as she used to, Deans says the experience has been incredibly rewarding.

“The neighbourhood has been so friendly,” she says. “The businesses and local associations are really supportive of one another, which makes all the difference.”

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