In a banana-split second

[attach]4676[/attach]After thinking for months about what to name their future ice cream shop, inspiration finally struck Andreas and Hresa Chatziargiriou.

While they were driving around scouring for possible locations to open the parlour, the words “lickadee split” popped into Hresa’s head and her husband immediately loved the idea.

Although they had both previously been self-employed and had experience running their own companies, they were new to scooping ice cream, which is why they spent around a year researching before opening Lickadee Split on Coxwell Avenue between Cosburn Avenue and O’Connor Drive at the end of April.

Most of the store’s edible selection comes from Maypole Dairy Products, which Hresa says is a local, family-run company that supplies only restaurants and parlours. It was also a part of Andreas’s upbringing.

“My husband grew up with the ice cream,” Chatziargiriou said. “When he was growing up in the Junction area his father had a business and used to sell the ice cream.

“(Maypole Dairy is) ex-tremely picky as to who they allow to sell their products. We feel very fortunate. I guess because my husband grew up with the ice cream, we were sort of a shoo-in.”

At the beginning of August they also added Sicilian Ice Cream to the mix to add more dairy-free options because Maypole only makes one sorbet.

Chatziargiriou says they plan on staying open all year long and take advantage of the nearby students attending East York Collegiate Institute.

Before school is in session again, she says they will begin introducing warmer menu items and expanding their coffee selection to include cappuccinos and espressos.

They first came up with the business idea during a brainstorming session after their son Leonidas was born two and a half years ago.

“We tried to figure out what we could do that would allow me to work, sort of be my own boss, and still have the time to raise our child,” she says. “So then he thought ice cream and I thought, you know what, that’s a good idea.”

The pair settled on their Olde East York Village location for a number of reasons: it was close to home, there wasn’t another ice cream shop nearby and they thought it was in an up-and-coming area.

Although Chatziargiriou says the majority of their clients are families, they’ve served every one from toddlers to 90-year-olds. She says one of many highlights of running the store to date has been witnessing how well it’s been received.

“Just to see joy in kids’ faces, even adults’ — like adults become children when they come here,” she says. “Seriously it’s a lot of fun.”