Juicy biz idea taps into health-awareness trend

“It’s dark out and most people are sleeping when our juice elves go to work and make all the juice,” chuckles co-founder Hana James, talking about the organic, raw cold-pressed juice, nut milk, water and booster shots Greenhouse Juice Co. prepares in anticipation of customers entering the newly opened shop at Yonge Street and Macpherson Avenue.

The cold pressing process, taking place in the wee hours of the morning, involves hydraulic pressure instead of heat and oxidation to extract juice from produce in a way that keeps enzymes and nutrients intact.

“What you are left with is a very alive nutrient-dense juice,” James explained. “The flavours are richer.”

Partner Jacob Cohl said he is inspired by “a movement going on in society of people becoming more awakened to what they’re putting into their bodies.”

“People were becoming more conscious of what they were eating and I’m really excited that this is happening, and we’re really excited to be a part of that,” Cohl said.

In addition to James and Cohl, the crew behind Greenhouse Juice Co. includes Anthony Green and several other partners, who worked alongside holistic nutritionists, professional vegan raw chefs and naturopaths to develop the recipes and create an in-store cleansing program.

Each pressed batch keeps for 72 hours.

For experienced juicers, The Good — a green juice made with romaine, spinach, cucumber, celery, lemon and Himalayan salt — features several salads’ worth of raw greens and is good for detoxifying, anti-oxidizing, skin purification and energizing.

Featuring carrot, apple and ginger, the Rabbit Run is good for boosting the immune system and metabolism, relieving stress and also packs anti-inflammatory benefits.

A hit among kids are Cold-Pressed Apple Juice and Pink Milk. The latter is made from almond milk, cold-pressed beet and maple syrup, and has liver support, weight management and stamina enhancing ingredients.

“It’s really cute to see them come in and take their shot and they have a cute little pink moustache,” James said, noting that a few kids have also said they enjoy The Good.

“A lot of parents get a real thrill about how much their kids like it,” Green added. “I know one of the biggest challenges my parents had was getting me to eat healthily.”

The company offers in-store sampling and runs a recycling program where with the return of 10 bottles customers receive a complimentary 250 ml juice and a class at nearby The Roots Yoga Studio.

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