Kids clothing store sneaks from online onto Mount Pleasant

Little White Sneakers opens to help offset the growing demand for resale children's clothes

Tucked into a cubbyhole next to the Mount Pleasant Library lies Little White Sneakers.

Originally an online resale portal, started by cousins Kara and Raegan Kennedy, Little White Sneakers was an effort to collect used, high-end children’s clothes for resale.

A physical store was the perfect solution for a growing inventory and interest from parents. The Kennedys had a hard opening for their storefront location on Mount Pleasant Road south of Manor Road on June 11.

The Town Crier previously spoke to the duo in December, when the marketing director (Kara) and corporate lawyer (Raegan), started Little White Sneakers out of Kara’s Davisville home.

“We were just growing and needed a new storage place,” Raegan says now. “It was a natural evolution to open a storefront because we were getting so many requests from people to come to see the clothes.”

The Mount Pleasant Village location was a dream come true, especially with children’s shops like Mabel’s Fables and Mastermind close by. Additionally, the variety of consignment stores could draw in local moms.

“We were looking for a location in a family neighbourhood, and we wanted something like this because it’s really bright and getting something right beside the library,” Kara said.

Social media plays a big role in their strategy. A playful board hangs in the shop with photos from Little White Sneakers’ Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts.

It allows them to reach out to their clients, who are itching to find deals on clothes from Gap, Jacadi and Burberry Kids.

They’re also selling new wares from local kids clothing designers. Ollie Jones, Refluff and Oui Me provide the clothes, particularly leggings. Playjammas and Juddlies offer up sleepwear. Dear Frank, Sweet Pea and Sugar as well as Cocolelly showcase their accessories in the store.

“It’s a way to make this your one-stop shopping destination for your kids,” Raegan said.

Parents can also drop off their used goods to the store, after connecting with them via the Internet. Customers can let them know what they have for sale through the store’s social media and website.

“When we opened it was just as people were in spring cleaning mode,” Kara said, with a laugh.

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Posted: Jul 20 2016 12:03 pm
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