Looking forward to Leaside

[attach]6661[/attach]A former pharmacy owner in Roncesvalles Village, Liliya Vovk is happy to be serving a community again in Leaside.

“I am a community pharmacist and believe it or not this community reminds me so much of the community that I had before,” Vovk says from the newly opened Morelli’s Guardian Pharmacy. “I am ready to take care of the needs of the particular community that surrounds me.”

In addition to a regular dispensing program and counseling, the pharmacy, which is located inside the Longo’s on Laird Drive near McRae Drive, tailors prescriptions to patients, offers follow ups on side effects, allergies, nutritional support, dietary and health needs associated with the use of medications.

“We are experts in supplements and vitamins and health food products as well here,” she says, adding she enjoys how her customers range in age from families with small children to seniors. “We assess people’s medications and profiles, if they are available we transfer prescriptions and transfer the whole profiles for patients who are asking us to do this.”

The pharmacists also offer diabetic, high blood pressure and asthmatic support, a complete program to quit smoking, field questions on dietary issues including weight loss and are planning to organize clinics on various health related topics.

“We’re looking forward to being a valuable resource of knowledge, health and support,” Vovk says. “We’re dedicated to improving the lifestyle of our patients here so they can enjoy a healthier lifestyle.”