Riverside romp yields campy treasures

The Riverside district on Queen St. East is now swanky bistro central.

But fashion mavens can still find inexpensive duds to zoot up their summer wardrobes.

Harold Seligman of Here & Now Clothing Co. has been in the hood for six years selling off-price linens, men’s and ladies clothing.

Ack! I realize as I hit the racks my August vacation is imminent and I have no chic camping togs for fireside sing-alongs and nature romps.

No worries. Seligman’s selection of stylish casual clothing will rock when I’m hiking over crags (but hopefully not camping on them).

Considering my nature vacation, it’s apt that some garb is green.

Only in nature would I dare wear leggings. But the bamboo and lycra capri leggings, $29.99, are so silky soft I could be persuaded.

I hear bamboo is naturally antibacterial and antifungal – hopefully protection from the bug bites I’m sure to get while out in the wild.

A lot of the styles can take you from bistro to beach. Take the black tank bamboo dress, $29.99, that sales person Noreen Arp has paired with a fine cotton button-down top with cap sleeves, $19.99.

The look is slightly dressy as Noreen has left the top unbuttoned like a jacket.

In the changeroom, I leave the top buttoned and try it with some French terry long shorts for $29.99 – the look is decidedly casual chic.

A style saver Noreen shows me a two-in-one tank made of the same fabric as the tee. The tanks snap together if you want to layer them. Or you can don them separately. One is low-backed and the other regular.

When I return from roughing it in the bush, I can always indulge in a pair of 300-thread count sateen bamboo sheets, $85-$95.

770 Queen St. East, 416-461-3144

Glory, glory, someone else has the guts to open a clothing shop here.

Nicole Babin launched Common Sort three months ago, but there’s nothing common about it.

Babin buys, sells and trades new and used (she uses the term recycled) clothing for women and some men. She has a discerning eye, but that doesn’t prevent her from stocking H&M beside vintage and designer duds.

A dig around unearths some worthy gems for style seekers.

A 1950s black quilted jacket with three-quarter sleeves by Bergdorf Goodman New York is $70. A long Cher-type dress by Marnie, made in Montreal, is 1970s chic for $31.

In the vintage bag area, a small green crocodile bag is $44.

The ladies’ shoe section reveals vintage silver shoes, $13, and black leather boots, $30. I lust after a pair of white leather shoes by Seychelles, $16, which would sell for $100 or more in trendier parts of town.

You don’t need an appointment to sell or trade, but bring valid picture ID and current season items only. You get cash outright for clothing and accessories — a quarter of what the item would sell for in store. If items are clean, current, in good shape and Babin accepts it.

A trade could be a better deal as you get a voucher or credit for 50 percent of what the item would sell for in store.

I return two days later and pick up a mint green Cynthia Steffe jacket, $23, linen capris, $14, and a Banana Republic linen shirt, $11. I trade in a handbag and get $7 off my purchase, so my bill is less than 50 bucks.

804 Queen St. East, 416-463-7678