Trust the chef for fresh sushi

[attach]6649[/attach]From lobsters to crabs and an assortment of fish, Kevin Saivo heads to the market on a daily basis to select seafood from Japan.

“It’s interesting everyday to choose different kinds of seasonal fish,” he says. “It’s always different — interesting colours and varieties.”

In addition to sushi, rolls, soups, noodles, bento box specials and more, Aki Da Sushi, which has been part of the Beach community on Queen Street E. near Woodbine Avenue for 10 years, is also home to a more adventurous dining experience.

Omakase, which translates to trust the chef, means it’s up to Saivo to choose and prepare seasonal and special dishes, appetizers, sashimi and grilled fish for guests within a given budget.

The Japanese seafood house also offers private dining known as tatami rooms and teppanyaki, where food is sliced, prepared and grilled in front of customers.

Saivo, who first started cooking while attending high school in Japan, has 20 years of experience in the industry.

As for dessert, although banana and ice cream tempura are both popular items, they aren’t his personal top choice.

“My favourite is the cheesecake,” he says.