Wings 'n' sports

[attach]6666[/attach]“Drums N Flats is all about wings, beer and rock ’n’ roll,” co-owner Dan Ferracuti says from a booth at the newly opened restaurant and bar on Avenue Road at Haddington Avenue. “We’ve put the rocks and the jocks together for the first time.”

For music fans, they play classic rock and hold live performances, for sport fans, they play the games on flat screens, he says.

After running Safari Bar and Grill in the neighbourhood for 17 years, Ferracuti partnered with chef Shane Thomson to open Drums N Flats to offer a twist on a traditional chicken wings and bar concept.

“The atmosphere is really fun and family oriented, it’s a really comfortable, fun and laid back place,” Thomson says. “It’s blue jeans and you’re hanging out in your basement having a rocking good time is basically what we offer.”

When it comes to wings they give customers many options starting with whether people wants drums (the drumsticks), flats (the wings) or mixed, which can then be tossed in a saucy mixture, served dry or a special method exclusive to the bar.

“What we call double dipped, we actually cook the wings to about 90 percent, toss them in one sauce then we throw them over our smoky barbecue, over the coals for a while to finish them off,” Ferracuti says. “Then toss them in a different sauce, giving them four distinctive flavours to savour.”

Drums N Flats, which also offers non-wing offerings including fish and chips, pizza and chicken pot pie sliders, features handcrafted tables and a bar made from 200-year-old reclaimed barn wood.

“The personal highlights are people’s reactions to what we’ve done with the space,” Ferracuti says. “We did a lot of structural work, taking down walls, completely rebuilt the space from scratch and the biggest satisfaction is seeing people really appreciate it and when they’re blown away but what we’ve done.”