You can be fashionable and ethical, local show proves

The Right Side boutique on Danforth Avenue showcased ethical and socially conscious fashions at a fashion show on April 14.

The event featured models from the community, models of all shapes and sizes donning fashions that store owner Priya Rajan said are completely sweat-shop and animal-product free.

Patrons of the store, which has been in the neighbourhood for a year and a half, eagerly took pictures and purchased items afterward.

“It was fun to come out and be a part of a good cause and community,” guest Harper Edwards said.

Other guests whispered they loved the fabrics and colours and were thinking of purchasing after the show was finished.  Another gestured at the jewellery to me saying she loved the pieces.

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A DJ played dance music behind the purchasing counter, as drinks and hors d’oeuvres were served.

There was also an opportunity to sign up for gift certificates and special offers for businesses such as hairdressers, yoga and art studios.

“We are very supportive and neighbourhood-oriented but we aren’t exclusive to the Danforth area,” Rajan said. “We would like to attract all of Toronto.  I do love the area because it’s very educated, eclectic and diverse.”

The fashion wasn’t only ethically conscious but in tune with what’s in style for this spring and summer — featuring culottes, jumpsuits and 1940s-style wrap dresses.

Other scenes from the show: