Your business is her business

[attach]5386[/attach]Karyn Dumble’s business is focused on helping other businesses.

Through The Monarch Park Group she helps organizations get their business and strategic plans on track.

“It is a facilitation business,” she says. “I go into organizations and primarily help them get their plans on track, I do a lot of work getting teams working better together. So team alignment and I have spent a lot of time in the past doing conflict resolution and conciliation work.”

The Monarch Park Group, which she runs from her home office on Monarch Park Avenue near Coxwell Subway Station, primarily revolves around getting people to work better together as a team. In addition to meeting with companies face-to-face across the province, she also holds virtual meetings with people as far away as Mexico and even New Zealand.

Despite having an international reach, Dumble says it’s very important for her to remain in the community and says many of her neighbours are also involved in the business, such as her bookkeeper and graphic designer.

“The people here are very special and active and community minded and I find whether it’s my neighbours here, a few streets over or closer to Riverdale, what you get is people who work together to get things moving forward and so to be located in an area where people are naturally used to working together to get things done, it’s an excellent climate for a business like mine,” she says.

Dumble, who previously worked for not-for-profit organizations, decided to open her own company because she wanted to reach a broader base of clients and help a number of people. She says she has worked for companies with as many as 600 staff members to smaller groups with just a few people.

“Companies need not be big to make use of a facilitator or consultant like me and I think that’s a particularly important point to make in this part of Toronto where we have so many small businesses that have developed here that may also find themselves a little off track,” she says. “So it’s not something that’s just for big dogs, the work that I do is very useful and in the reach of the smaller organizations and businesses.”

She says her goal is for her clients to learn how to move forward through her guidance and enjoys the moments when people share their ideas and realize they have the answers they need to grow.

“I don’t want to leave a big footprint myself, I want to be able to go in, create the process and guide people where they need to be,” she says. “So I simply help them outline the route on the map, they already know what the towns and the cities look like, I just help them to get there.”

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  • autismwindsor

    Karyn worked with our organization for several years to help us through many ups and downs. She is amazing at mediating and helping companies to move forward and getting people to answer their own questions. I would highly recommend her to anyone who asks. Shirley Harshaw

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